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Tigger's journal

I'm taking you on a mystery tour!

Miss Tigger's journal full of nonsense

Blonde locks bouncing on her shoulders as she dances all the sad feelings away. A small timid smile gracing her bright face. Her grey with blue infused eyes twinkling as she reads another book. Deinty fingers speeding across the keyboard as she thinks of another story. Her imaginative mind never resting. The daydreams never ending. Relaying memories to her hearts content. Loving life finally.

In the dark, a single candle burning. The flame flickering, casting shadows on her face. A pencil resting against her lips while she thinks of the next line. Shut off completely from the outside world. Like dreams, the world of fiction is an escape from the cruel reality. All the knowledge her research brings her, the bliss of learning more. Expanding boundaries and breaching limits. Nothing is left unknown. All her inner desires and darkest thoughts coming together. Her sorrows forgotten and peace taking over. No problems, just her story. She is the master. She is the creator. Everything she says is truth. Her will is power. Her power is passion.

Alexander Skarsgård. Anime. Anne Hathaway. Astronomy. Blink 182. Bones. Books. Chuck. Comedy. Daft Punk. Damon Salvatore. Danny Jones. Dean Winchester. Disney. Draco Malfoy. Drew Barrymore. Eric Northman. England. Eric Sinclair. Fan Fiction. Fiction. Glee. Harry Potter. Horror. Ian Somerhalder. Jack Sparrow. James McAvoy. Johnny Depp. Lady Gaga. London. McFLY. Michael Jackson. Music. Photography. Psychology. Reading. Reese Witherspoon. Romance. Sarcasm. Slytherin. Supernatural. Sweden. The Big Bang Theory. The Vampire Diaries. Thriller. True Blood. Writing. Zachary Levi.